Miracles harm!

The previous essay gives ample evidence as to why the law should be against faith-healing as a medical matter but only allow as a ritual. Faith-healers should face prison time for harming people!
Hume is ever right about miracles! No one will ever give evidence of any actual ones! Now, people can proffer evidence, but it would be misinterpretation of the facts as the Amazing Randi and others could show what really happened naturally.
Should people think that have a least one miracle for which they can proffer solid evidence, please do so!

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What\’s the harm in believing in faith healing?

via What\'s the harm in believing in faith healing?.

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Read what I as Skeptic Griggsy maintain at the bottom of the comments,please!

Why Evolution Is True

A very exercised religious reader sent this comment, complete with name, which I am putting above the fold. It explains clearly why we don’t see miracles these days, a question raised by Robert Ingersoll in the previous post (my emphasis in  the quote). It also shows the power of the religious mind to believe things (and believe them strongly) for which there is not a scintilla of evidence.

Robert Hampson commented on “Quote of the day: Robert G. Ingersoll #3”       

It’s because of faithless people like yourself that miracles are not given. Read Betty Malz: My Brief Glimpse at Eternity. Rudimentary Science can’t explain her experiences. It’s so naive to even consider that when you die there’s nothing but blackness. If that were so then there would be no universe, no light. We would not have a mind to think and eyes to see, It’s a…

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